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28/06/2019     LogOut

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Workshop on Personal Care Products

Chemical-laden antiperspirants and deodorants clog up pores and do not allow the body to properly release the sweat needed to cool and release toxins (so called antiperspirants) and are completely unnecessary to prevent body odor.

There is an increasingly concern about the use of natural and effective products, made with more organic ingredients. On the 11th June, several employees of Altice Labs had the opportunity to learn the selection of natural products and to use ingredients that are easily found in a kitchen or in the garden, in a workshop where we learned how to make several products for our personal hygiene and for our family. The workshop was ensured by Dr. Sara Fernandes of Nutrisabores - Espaço de Nutrição.


Visit to the Natural Reserve of S. Jacinto

The dune formations are very sensitive zones due to their sandy constitution. They are of great importance because they are the best defense against the intensity of the winds, the sands and the advances of the sea. To preserve the geomorphological, floristic and faunistic heritage of the dunes is to prevent the advance of the sea and to safeguard the life of the populations.

The Natural Reserve of S. Jacinto Dunes covers an area of ​​approximately 960 ha, of which 210 ha correspond to the sea area. It is located at the end of the peninsula that stretches between Ovar and the village of S. Jacinto. It is limited to the west by the Atlantic Ocean and the spring by one of the arms of the estuary of Aveiro.

On the 18th June, at 9:00 a group of 31 employees from Altice Labs entered the ferry that took them to S. Jacinto for the visit to this Reserve, which lasted approximately 3 hours. This visit was guided by Dr. Angelina Barbosa, who delighted all the participants with the excellence of the enormous knowledge and love to the Reserve and Nature.

Watch here the video of the visit.

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